Maximilian Wallach

Among Two Worlds

Jump and Run

Once upon a time, there was an evil witch who had been banished from her village and shunned by its people. Driven by a thirst for revenge, she cursed two necklaces, imbuing them with dark magic and vengeful energy.

As fate would have it, two siblings named Gale and Lillian stumbled upon the necklaces one day while exploring by a river. Enchanted by the shimmering beauty of the crystals, they eagerly put the necklaces on, unknowingly setting the witch's curse into motion.

In an instant, Gale was sucked into the underworld, leaving Lillian alone and terrified. Desperate for a way to save her sibling, Lillian sought out her mentor, who revealed that there was only one way to break the curse: Lillian and Gale must journey to the witch's castle and throw the necklaces into the kettle, thus undoing the curse's dark magic.

With no other options available, Lillian braved the treacherous journey to the castle, battling against the witch's minions and overcoming various obstacles along the way. Finally, with the help of her sibling, she reached the kettle and hurled the necklaces inside.

In a burst of light, the curse was broken, and Gale was freed from the underworld. The witch was never seen again, and peace was restored to the land once more.

Student project
High concept: Giana Sisters meets Abilities
Teamsize: 8
Role: Producer / Game Design
Production time: 4 weeks
Date: 2019
Engine: Unity Engine

"Among Two Worlds" was a significant project for our team during our time at the Mediadesign Hochschule München. As it was our first project, we were able to gain valuable experience and skills using Unity Engine.

Throughout the development process, we faced many challenges and learned how to problem-solve effectively as a team. With each obstacle, we gained a deeper understanding of game design and development.

Our hard work paid off as we successfully created a game where players could switch between two siblings, each in a different dimension, to solve puzzles and progress through the game. This project was an excellent opportunity for us to learn and grow as game developers and set the foundation for future projects.


One of my key responsibilities as producer was to manage the development team, ensuring that everyone was working together effectively and that the project was moving forward according to plan. This required strong communication and leadership skills, as well as the ability to manage resources and timelines.

As the game designer for "Among Two Worlds," I played a crucial role in shaping the game's vision and mechanics. My responsibility was to ensure that the game's design and gameplay would provide players with an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Throughout the development process, I worked closely with the team to brainstorm and develop ideas for gameplay mechanics. I also collaborated with the art team to ensure that the game's visual style and aesthetics would align with the game's vision.