Maximilian Wallach

WIP Untitled Project

First Person Shooter

Private project
High concept: Left4Dead meets The Division
Teamsize: 2
Role: Programmer / Animator
Date: 2023
Engine: Unreal Engine 5

This private untitled project is currently under development. It is an FPS co-op multiplayer shooter in the style of "The Division" with zombie survival aspects like in "Left4Dead".

Overall, this project is designed to provide us with valuable experience and knowledge that we can utilize in future game development projects. By enhancing our understanding of the Unreal Engine, we aspire to deepen our knowledge in creating compelling and immersive games that surpass the expectations of the players.

We are utilizing a variaty of resources available to us, including tutorials, online communities, and other learning materials, to gain a deep understanding of the engine's core features and advanced capabilities. Additionally, we are breaking down the development process into smaller, more manageable tasks, allowing us to systematically work through each milestone and develop a well-rounded understanding of the engine.

(everything in this project is subject to change)
(graphics & UI are not final)



As a key member of the game development team, my primary responsibility is to create a robust and reliable networking system, providing players with a seamless and reliable gaming experience across all platforms. To accomplish this task, I have leveraged my expertise in using the Epic Online Services (EOS) to develop a highly responsive lobby system that enables players to connect with each other seamlessly.

EOS enables us to access critical analytics and metrics that help us better understand our audience and refine our game's features and functionalities.

Since the project is completely multiplayer, everything has to be replicated correctly, and we are using the native Unreal replication functionality to ensure that both the hosting player and the client have the same experience.

I am developing two AI systems for the game: a Zombie AI and a Soldier AI. The Zombie AI is being designed to dynamically react to player actions, utilizing pathfinding and behavior trees to create an intense and challenging gameplay experience. 

On the other hand, the Soldier AI is being designed to feel realistic and provide a strategic gameplay experience. I am utilizing my knowledge of C++ and blueprints to create these systems, ensuring they meet the game's requirements and provide a high-quality gaming experience.